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5 Ways to Curb Administrative Burden in Healthcare Practices

5 Ways to Curb Administrative Burden in Healthcare Practices

Some of the most crucial grievances of physician practices include slow reimbursement, complex regulations, billing, bulk paperwork, and other administrative hassles. Although most of the healthcare facilities have switched to cloud technology to streamline their daily operations, some are still buckling down to curb their administrative burden. Here are some of the most effective ways to get the most out of your administrative work without investing in too much time and effort.

  1. Get a specialty-based EHR

There is a host of EHR available in the market that is ready to offer the best of services. The challenge is to get custom EHR software that gives you the flexibility to make use of it per the needs of your specialty. For instance, if you get a pediatric Electronic Health Record system then it will help you with everything that concerns the administrative operations like vaccine management, claims management, scheduling, etc.

  1. Do away with redundancy: This is the cornerstone for scaling up your work efficiency. Do away with the excessive workforce and hire the right people who will hold their aces in managing your tasks. Make sure they are all trained enough to work on their deliverables within the limited time span.
  2. Lend online access to patients: Most of the administrative failures occur due to lack of coordination with the patients. This not only delays the workflow but also consumes a substantial amount of time and money. Give limited access to the patients to your online platform that is well-equipped with facilities like tracking appointments, online bill payment options, claims management, and others. Your patients will love you for saving their valuable time if you could incorporate this system in your facility.
  3. Ensure proper claims review: Medical billing procedures are rife with claim requests and it becomes a complex process due to reasons more than one. Make sure you get an EHR that takes care of reviewing the claims so that it is not prone to inaccurate coding, loss of data, missed deadlines, and eligibility issues. This will not only minimize claims rejection rates and delays in Amount Receivable but also optimize medical revenue management all the more.
  4. Prioritize security: While paper storage system is susceptible to loss of data, cloud-based systems too do not assure foolproof security. Make sure you get an authorized hosting provider that is well-equipped with the technological capabilities to fight the menace of cybercrime and provide maximum data protection.

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