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Medical Revenue Management

How to Overcome Common Problems Faced in Medical Revenue Cycle Management

From standardizing medical administrative tasks to managing the insurance claims, revenue cycle management has revolutionized the medical billing system. It has not only enhanced patient care but also boosted cash flow of healthcare facilities across the US. However, many physicians and medical staff still find it challenging to cope with the enterprise level technological system […]

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How Customized Billing Services make Medical Revenue Management Easy

Over the years the healthcare units are trying to upgrade its billing system with state-of-the-art IT tools but a lot of them are yet to cope with the medical revenue cycle management process. Customized billing services can streamline this process, improve the profitability of the business, and make it easier to operate. Let’s learn how […]

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medical revenue management

6 Advantages of Medical Revenue Management in Healthcare Business

Medical Revenue Management (MRM), also known as Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) is an integrated process used in the healthcare industry to ease the payment process and help in generating more revenue. The system starts from the payment made by the third party until the end of the patient balance. Let’s see some of the key […]

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medical revenue cycle management

The Significance of a Medical Revenue Cycle Management System

The medical revenue cycle management system refers to the method of managing claims, properly processing payments and ultimately and most importantly, generating revenue for the health-care industry. It starts at a time when the patient might want an appointment and it continues till the time all the revenue in his account is equal to zero. […]

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Medical Revenue Cycle Management

Why Is An Integrated Platform for Medical Revenue Cycle Management Necessary?

Managing money is a daunting task and the fact is applicable as much for companies as it is for individuals. Just like the various other fields of work and operation, the medical or healthcare sector, too, has an immense responsibility of managing huge amounts of revenue generated on a day-to-day basis. In fact, on a […]

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What are RVUs and how do RVUs impact Payment to Medical Practices?

A challenge in the US Healthcare system is that there are patients that seek care, providers/physicians that want to provide quality care and receive appropriate payments for helping patients with their care and payers that establish the payment rules and want to minimize payments to providers.   Payers include commercial payers (e.g. Aetna, Cigna, United, Blue […]

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The Tricky Game of Payer Edits to Deny Insurance Payments to Providers

Medical billing needs to be completed for each medical practice and the revenue cycle management process requires training, specialized skills, time and focus. Most physicians and office managers have multiple duties per day to manage that provide higher value to their practice than chasing down medical claims. High value activities for Medical Offices include strong […]

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Independent Provider Practices Provide Cost-Effective Healthcare

Since aspects of the HITECH act started in 2009, the US Healthcare system experienced significant consolidation of independent medical practices into the Hospital Systems and/or Integrated Delivery Networks (IDNs).   The incentives for our Healthcare system promote large IDNs.  Once a practice system obtains a certain size, the system leverages their negotiation power to obtain higher […]

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Why a 99% Collection Rate is More Important to Independent Physician Practices compared to Hospital-Owned Medical Practices

The revenue cycle (more commonly known as medical billing) is a complicated and important aspect of any Medical practice.   Patients rely on Health Insurance to pay for some of the cost of Health care.   Although most patients have health insurance few understand the details of their policy.   Health insurance plans have a range of coverages […]

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Items to improve the local performance of E.H.R. & Medical Billing Web Applications

Most E.H.R and practice management web applications are different than a static web site. A web site is informational while a web application is interactive. This means that usually a web application requires transferring data between the cloud site and the local computer. Many web applications interact with a local PC and have functions/tasks that […]

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