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Pediatric Practice App

Pediatric Practice App

Pediatric Practice App: Easy Engagement with your Patients

Most of the US population is dependent on Apps and mobile websites and more than 50% of US millennials spend their time on mobile phones. Mobile apps have simplified client-consumer communication and led to an increased customer base. To facilitate clinic-patient communication, PhysicianXpress has introduced a customized Pediatric Practice App for Pediatric Practices and their patients.  This Customized App is integrated with the Patient portal of PediatricXpress and provides the branding of the Medical Practice. Let’s see how this app has proved to be highly beneficial for the Pediatric Practices and their patients/parents.

Benefits of Pediatric Practice App

  • Improved medical revenue management: The administrationeasily receives the requests and has streamlined the pediatric practice and operations such as updates to insurance, demographics or schedule requests.
  • One touch calling: The patient can easily reach out to the pediatric practice from the App with just a tap of a button. This has become helpful to parents so they do not need to look up the practice phone number.
  • Easy appointment system: Practices can receive appointment requests via the integrated Patient Portal of PediatricXpress or call the practice directly.
  • Users can be updated of Practice news: A notification can be sent out to the users of the App for items like change in practice hours or announcements of a Flu Shot clinic. These are known as push notifications and they can be sent to users of the App when needed. For instance, if the clinic is closed to due to some reason, the patients are informed through the app.
  • Promotes practice loyalty: If the medical practice can reach out to their patients via additional communication, patients usually perceive this as a more ‘in touch’ practice. The benefit of this is that patients who feel their practice is ‘in touch’ with their needs will reach out to them for guidance if the patient should visit the practice for treatment or should be sent to urgent care or the ER.  In many cases, the practice can save the patient time and money when the patient is seen at the Pediatric practice.
  • New features added: The app is very robust and upgrades itself with more and more features to improvise user experience.

How Do Parents/patients download the Pediatric App?

Very simple! Android users can go to Playstore and download it here. iPhone users can go to Appstore and download it here.

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