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Maintaining Vaccination Schedules

Vaccine schedule management is an important part of any medical practice. Ensuring that patients receive their vaccinations in a timely fashion, in the right order, and without too much time passing between important dosages is all made easier by efficient record keeping and a system that ties different data entry points together to form an […]

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Does Your Revenue Cycle Management System Works Well for Your Healthcare Facility?

Every specialized medical practice has different ways of coping with the administrative tasks. Medical billing management is one of the most crucial priorities that often give sleepless nights to the healthcare professionals. If you are a part of a specialized healthcare facility then you might need to assess the functionalities of your existing EHR or […]

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The Future of EHR in the US healthcare Industry

Once known as the ‘Clinical Information System’, EHR system has evolved over the years and is now considered to be the Cadillac of healthcare technology. A brainchild of Lockheed Corporation and El Camino Hospital, the system dates back to mid-1960’s and first went live in 1973. Presently, over 80% Americans have access to this system […]

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Vaccine Management made Easy for Pediatric Professionals

With the increasing number of pediatric cases, it has become imperative to streamline vaccine inventory management by the healthcare units and vaccine manufacturers. It is the responsibility of the healthcare units to be easily accessible to the pediatric requirements to as many patients as possible for ensuring better health of the US citizens. Here’s how […]

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