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How to Choose the Right Pediatric EHR for your Facility

How to Choose the Right Pediatric EHR for your Facility

Today’s Pediatric Practice operates more efficiently and effectively with a Modern Pediatric E.H.R. system designed to optimize the operation and profitability of Pediatric Practices.   Pediatric have their own set of administrative challenges which is different from any other specialties. Choosing the right type of Electronic Health Record (EHR) system customized to the specific requirements of the pediatric patients and physicians is a crucial task to streamline the work operations. So what are some of the things you should consider when choosing the specialized software for your pediatric practice? Let’s find out.

Vaccine management system

Vaccine refrigeration is usually the number two expense at a Pediatric practice (after Payroll).  Many practices are still struggling to get access to an easy-to-use vaccine management system. Make sure you use a specialized system that not only takes control of your vaccines in refrigerators/freezers in real time but also provides the flexibility to manage an integrated delivery network of multiple physicians per locations and hospitals. Find out more about online vaccine management system.

Claims management

From reviewing to denial management, taking control of the insurance claims is one of the most complex challenges in any healthcare department. Consider a pediatric EHR which is inclusive of managing the features such as claims submissions, tracking, denials, payment posting, Accounts Receivable Follow-up, monthly reporting, etc.

Pediatric-Specific templates

Make sure your Pediatric EHR provides the practice with a set of standard Pediatric Well and Sick templates.  Also, the vendor should be able to accept customization requests to the Templates.  Additionally, there should be tools such as dental and depression screening.

Integrated lab reports

Another way to save a lot of your valuable time is for the system to be able to send lab orders and receive results directly from Quest and Labcorp.  Quest and Labcorp provide the most lab processing in the United States and have contracts with most of the payers to provide cost-effective lab care for your patients.

Growth Charts

A core area of Pediatric is tracking the growth of children via growth charts.   Some children should be plotted on the downs or pre-mature growth curves.  The Pediatric E.H.R should have normal, downs and pre-mature growth curves.  Additionally, the system should automatically calculate BMI and provide the option to enter blood pressure.

Whether your Pediatric practice is a solo practice or a group practice, you should be able to customize your pediatric EHR according to the size, resources, and requirements of your pediatric practice. To learn more request for a free consultation.