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Electronic Health Records vs. Paper Records

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Electronic Health Records vs. Paper Records

As alarming as it may sound, surveys reveal that medical errors are the third leading cause of death in the United States, after heart disease and cancer. If you’re into healthcare business, then it’s high time you take a call and decide on the type of record system you want to count on for streamlining the work process of your medical organization. In this blog, we shall see the major differences between Electronic Health Record (EHR) system and paper records system.

  • Time factor

US Healthcare specialists spend more than 50 hours on an average in direct patient care per week. Paper record system makes this task all the more time-consuming and cumbersome.

EHR has aided healthcare professionals save time in documentation by up to 45%. Sharing of records also becomes much easier and faster as the files can be easily retrieved electronically keeping all of the staff on the same page.

  • Workflow factor

Paper records are known to have slowed down the process of maintaining the health records. When the files are distributed to various facilities and departments, some information are founded to be incomplete or redundant. Retrieving the incomplete information again is quite time and effort consuming.

EHR, on the other hand, boosts seamless distribution of information with the assurance of complete and concise information. EHR is also quite easy to use, and the physicians and nurses can work on their deliverables in a much organized way.

  • Security Factor

What happens if a fire breaks out or any such similar mishap occurs? Paper record system is vulnerable to loss of data under these circumstances.

EMR ensures all of the records are stored on an encrypted cloud system. This not only protects it from any type of disaster but also secures it online even if the system crashes all of a sudden.

  • Accessibility factor

Paper record system is always susceptible to unauthorized access as the files may get misplaced or lost. In case of emergencies, the doctors may not be able to have access to the medical records anywhere else as the files are stacked in office.

EHR rules out the problems of accessibility as all the records are stored on cloud. The doctors can have access to the records anytime, anywhere.

  • Cost factor

It demands a substantial amount of investment in labor for the upkeep of paper record system. Storing all those heavy files also takes a lot of space.

EHR is a one-time investment which saves a lot of recurring costs and providing unlimited space for the records on cloud.

Besides all of the above, EHR is also offered with accuracy and clarity of records over paper record system. Are you looking for such easy to use EHR to facilitate and streamline your organization’s workflow? PhysicianXpress is one of the best medical billing service companies in the US. Click here to learn more about the benefits of EHR.