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Existing Pediatric Medical Practice

You have been practicing effectively independently for years and want to stay independent.  We have had great success helping existing practices enhance their revenue performance while reducing their administrative burden.  There are a few options to engage us with your existing practice:  1.  Migrate to Pediatric Xpress for Pediatric E.H.R. and Medical Billing, 2.  Use only the PediatricXpress E.H.R. or 3. Stay on Paper or existing E.H.R. and migrate to PediatricXpress medical Billing.

  1.  Migrate to PediatricXpress for Pediatric E.H.R. and Medical Billing:  Using PediatricXpress to run your entire office end-to-end provides the best chance to optimize the revenue for your Pediatric practice at all locations.  We have helped many practices migrate from other systems to PediatricXpress.   The transition is worth the higher revenue and reduced administrative burden.
  2. Use only the PediatricXpress E.H.R.: This option allows practices to use their existing practice management/billing system.  We charge a low monthly subscription fee for this option.
  3. Stay on Paper & use our PediatricXpress Medical Billing:  Some Pediatricians do not ever want to use Electronic charts (they have not tried our system).  Although we find it is easier for the office to migrate to our E.H.R., there is an option for the chart to be on paper and scanned into the system by the staff while we provide the medical billing service.
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Our roots are in operating a successful Pediatric Practice in a way that reduces administrative work and increases profitability. We developed a simple model for operating a Pediatric Practice with systems and support.   Since our practice experience is focused in Pediatrics, you obtain team members on your account that understand best practices in operating a Pediatric practice   We provide relative monthly reports that you are easy to understand and full of information.  Of course, you will have an administration account so you can run the numbers yourself as well as dig into the data – our experience shows that Pediatricians are too busy running their practice and in most cases want a report sent to them.

No-one achieves a more consistent collection rate more for Independent Pediatric practices then PhysicianXpress.   Also, we have

Low upfront costs and no long-term contracts

Our payment model aligns to your practice’s performance which means we are paid after you are paid. We apply our knowledge, systems and processes each day so you can reach your practice goals consistently with low administrative burden.

Our systems are updated routinely since we operate on a true cloud-based Pediatric E.H.R. and Practice management system.  This means one enterprise cloud with consistent updates versus many different versions with many different hosted options.    We focus on providing systems and processes that are relative to Pediatrics in a way that removes barriers for administrative work.

This means that we are not all things to every one like many of the other companies on the market.  A semi truck can do many things but is not good to drive to work each day.   Many of the large enterprise systems are like a semi-truck selling you on all the different options on the truck (e.g. can be used in all areas of medicine).   A semi truck is hard to drive to work and is slow, just like most multi-specialty systems that require much typing.   Most Pediatric practice revenue is primarily outpatient pediatrics so this is how you should focus your optimization for total revenue and income.   We are here to help you succeed without selling consulting services or selling your data to other companies.  We also do not sell your information to partner companies or marketing firms.  We believe in privacy for your practice and your patients.

Some important notes on our services: No ongoing maintenance fees or upgrade feeds, no hidden fees and no long-term contracts.   We understand our operation, upgrades and designed the system for today’s software platforms….Our system is simple and straight forward in that our technology does not require Conferences or user meetings to travel for learning.   Do you travel to Apple to learn how to use your IPhone?

Here are some of the administrative items we remove from your practice:  posting payments, telephone phone number for patients and insurance to call about medical billing, an Account Manager for your account, management of patient statements & patient billing calls, follow-up with insurance companies and patients to correct issues with insurance and receive proper payment.  We also know the things that are not relevant to Pediatrics like MIPS as well as other Medicare incentive programs.    This knowledge and focus makes sure your practice is not doing busy admin work that provides no financial value to the practice.  Also, our interface and PediatricXpress system focuses the reporting and tools in key areas related to operating a Pediatric Practice.

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