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Know which Pediatric EMR will suit your practice?

Pediatric EMR

Know which Pediatric EMR will suit your practice?

What is Pediatric EMR Software?

Pediatric EMR software should becustomized with unique aspects for treating patients in a Pediatric primary care setting. With hundreds of electronic medical record systems in the market how will know which is the suitable software is for you and your practice?

Why do you need Pediatric EMR Software?

  • As a pediatrician you need to be a jack of all trades.
    • In order to maintain long-term relationships with patients, you need an idea of multiple specialties as well as understand the needs of the families.
    • You often have to rely on tests performed by other clinicians and specialists.
    • You need an EMR system that is designed on today’s technology in a manner that simplifies tasks and functions for Pediatric Offices.
  • Most EMR systems are designed for adult medicine with a “by the way, this can be used in Pediatrics” and/or the system is based on ‘dated’ technology. Although there might be Pediatric aspects to a particular system, the overall design is usually meant to work in many areas of medicine (adult Medicine, Specialists, even hospitals).  This makes most systems feel like using a semi-truck to take your kids to school versus using a passage car.  While the semi-truck can transport people, it is difficult to drive and navigate through traffic.
  • Pediatric Office software should help organize large volumes of data, help the practice improve turnover and also manage a high number of appointments in a simple matter.
  • The Pediatric EMR should protect highly sensitive child information while tracking children’s immunizations versus the practice vaccine schedule.

How would you select your EMR Software?

  • Most EMR software is like the ‘Semi-Truck’ in that the company tries to leverage the system for both small practices and also large ones in every area of Medicine. So make sure that the one you select is appropriate for your practice and for Pediatrics.
  • Select a software that is located in the cloud based on SaaS (software as a service) which can be accessed from anywhere with quality internet connection.
  • Make sure that the software is designed to simplify tasks versus causing much extra work.
  • The software should feel like driving a comfortable passenger car not a ‘semi-truck’.

The best EMR Software is meant to enhance Pediatric Practices efficiency and assists doctors in documenting and treating medical development and behavioral condition in children along with immunizations. Using this software is helpful as it can be accessed from anywhere even through your smart phone.