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Manage Your Medical Business with RevenueXpress

Customized Medical Billing Services from PhysicianXpress


About RevenueXpress


Since 2007, the year of our inception, we at PhysicianXpress have demonstrated a successful Medical Revenue Management company with a complementary mix of experience in both the Medical Practice & Information Technology fields.  We have made it our mission to develop an integrated, functional, and proven Health IT Tools that enhance the management and performance of Medical Businesses.  We design, develop, and deliver processes and systems that optimize the revenue cycle for our clients, reducing their administrative burden while improving their operations.  We achieve consistent and repeatable results that allow our clients to focus on Business Development, Product Distribution, and other Revenue-generating Activities.


Our Deliverables Will…


  • Develop complete solutions for the simplification and management of the revenue cycle for clients.
  • Consistently achieve results for our clients via continuous improvement of our processes and systems.
  • Identify and leverage the appropriate software tools that lead to optimal results for our clients.


How Will This Help My Business?


The features and functionality have been developed to bridge the gaps in all of the medical IT-enabled tools currently available, as well as to meet the exclusive needs of operating a specialty medical business.


Features of Our Processes and Systems


  • Summary Report Metrics – Receive a monthly report with weekly updates that include the number of bill sheets or claims obtained from the field team, in addition to payments collected for the month.  Our report allows for viewing of payments by facility or office, so the Sales Leader can link sales credit to the appropriate field representative.
  • Bill Sheets/Claims – Manage the bill sheets from customers and the field sales team so there is a process that links to the revenue cycle.  Customization of a solution for your situation will improve the revenue cycle management results for the field sales team.
  • Scanned Documents – Scan in bill sheets and insurance information in a way that minimizes paperwork and administrative tracking for the field sales team members.




  • Review of Claims and Charges
  • Claims Submission and Tracking
  • Denial Management
  • Electronic Remittance and Payment Posting
  • Accounts Receivable Follow-Up
  • Patient Billing and Collections
  • Monthly Reporting




  • Identify and collect reimbursable claim dollars consistently and accurately.
  • Effective management of outstanding Accounts Receivable (A/R).
  • Increase your revenue and cash flow while reducing your administrative burden, by leveraging our experience and processes.
  • Provide consistent customer service to our clients and their patients.


Bottom Line


Our clients receive high value from a customized Specialty Medical Revenue Management solution with an elite Medical Billing Service at a competitive price.


Customer Thoughts


“Specialty Medical Businesses are usually busy with their countless critical activities that drive top line revenue growth- acquiring and maintaining their clients via strong service to their accounts should always be the focus.”


“Medical Billing for Specialty Products/services requires a strong understanding of insurance design and processes of insurance companies for the specialty product.  How well the revenue cycle is managed directly impacts your income.”


Customer Support


We offer customer support and specialized assistance to users, to help maximize all of the associated beliefs and possibilities of the RevenueXpress system.


To find more information about the modules and for all of your inquiries, please visit www.physicianxpress.com or contact us via phone or email, which is provided in the contact information listed below.



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