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How to Streamline Pediatric Scheduling and Practice Management

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How to Streamline Pediatric Scheduling and Practice Management

Out of an array of pediatric practices, scheduling management can be considered a challenging task for both the staff and physicians. It is now a known fact that effective scheduling for patients links to better revenue generation for a Pediatric Practice. Many pediatric practices are missing opportunities to provide optimal patient treatment and the associated revenue for their practice.  Some factors that a practice administrator should consider for Pediatric EHR scheduling and practice management include:

  1. Ease of use: Many EHR providers might assure ease-of-use but you shouldn’t jump the decisionprior to an actual trial of the system. Always ask for a free demo of a Pediatric Scheduling System and check if the system is actually simple to use or not.
  2. Patient Demographics linked to families: A system for Pediatric practices should link all family members to enhance management of the families. The patient information should include contact details and insurance information.
  3. Appointment Reminder System: The EHR system should have a reminder system so that none of the appointment goes unchecked. With the right Pediatric E.H.R. system, it is possible to optimize management of appointment reminders includingnotification of parents/patients.
  4. Vaccine Inventory Management System: A Pediatric E.H.R. needs a Vaccine Management and inventory system to integrate inventorymanagement into the practice. Additionally, this system should have individual patient vaccine management.
  5. Inter-office Messaging: The pediatric EHR can also streamline team management with the ability to send inter-office messages within the E.H.R. system. This secure messaging allows all of the staff to stay on the same page and enhance work efficiency.
  6. Customized Practice App: Your practice can enhance the patient and parent expertise and stay more connected to your practice with a customized practice app. This App allows the parents to login to the patient portal to make appointment requests and provides easy access to the practice contact information including driving directions.
  7. One-on-one Training: The Pediatric E.H.R. vendor should provide one-on-one training to the staff involved and foster maximum utilization of the scheduling and practice system. With today’s technology, this can be done effectively via a web meeting and teleconference.
  8. Customer support: There should be live person who would be there to answer questions and provide technical assistance related to the pediatric EHR. The practice should be able to contact Customer Support either via phone or through the system support requests.

How to get a custom EHR with pediatric scheduling and practice management system?   

You can opt for specialized full-featured pediatric EHR system such as PediatricXpress. It includes features such as electronic eligibility, easy to use scheduling, reminder system, new patient report, Vaccine Inventory Management, Online Patient Portal, US-based support, and many more.

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