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Vaccine Management made Easy for Pediatric Professionals

vaccine management

Vaccine Management made Easy for Pediatric Professionals

With the increasing number of pediatric cases, it has become imperative to streamline vaccine inventory management by the healthcare units and vaccine manufacturers. It is the responsibility of the healthcare units to be easily accessible to the pediatric requirements to as many patients as possible for ensuring better health of the US citizens.

Here’s how the pediatric professionals can easily implement vaccine management and maximize productivity with Vaccine Xpress.

What is Vaccine Xpress?

Vaccine Xpress is an advanced cloud-based online vaccine management application. This is used by pediatric professionals for their medical practices and hospitals to simplify vaccine inventory management.

Why Vaccine Xpress?

  • Simple-to-use: Although an online inventory management system standardizes the medical practices, a lot of staff finds it difficult to use. Vaccine Xpress is simple to use and ensures the purchasing and distribution processing is implemented on time.
  • Cost-saving: Not having a vaccine inventory management system costs top dollars for vaccines. Vaccine Xpress not only helps you take complete control of vaccine refrigeration but also keeps you notified about the whereabouts of the inventory at low cost and also displays the number of doses per vaccine in the freezer real time.
  • CDC approved manufacturers list: Not every healthcare product manufacturers are approved by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the United States. Vaccine Xpress comes with the assurance of vaccine manufacturers who are 100% CDC approved to make sure the patients are always provided the best and safe-to-use healthcare products.
  • Automated: You don’t need to be dependent on too many staff as Vaccine Xpress is fully automated which takes care of the entire ordering and distribution process real-time.
  • Track shipment:It keeps track of all the doses of vaccines for each shipment received and links each dose of a shipment to the patient that receives the vaccine.
  • Accurate data entry: As this vaccine inventory

Management does not involve any paperwork, it facilitates maintenance of vaccine shipment records and accuracy in data entry practices. This will also help the staff to get the record of vaccine usage for each patient whenever they want.

  • Secure patient information: Vaccine Xpressstores the record of previous vaccine reports and patient information on the cloud and the system is automatically updated real-time.
  • Instant notification: The vaccination dates are scheduled per the doctor’s appointments and the patients are instantly informed about the updates. Analytic reports are also provided with a projection of Vaccines needed for the next 1-4 weeks.
  • Monitor finances: Vaccine Xpress stores all of the records by monitoring the ordering and distribution finances ensuring there is no loss of money on vaccines.

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