Two-factor authentication is an additional layer of cybersecurity protection. Please note that, although this is an extra layer of security, this feature takes additional time and/or may inconvenience the user (i.e. typing in a key phrase or phrases, receiving a text message) for verification purposes. If the user fails to manage the two-factor authentication process, then they will be unable to login to the PediatricXpress system.


After registration of a user, the enhanced authentication registers a user and the pattern of how they type a few key phrases.   If the user has not accessed the PediatricXpress system for an extended period of time on that respective IP address, or the user tries to accesses the system from a different IP address, the user will require authentication either by typing the key phrase [confirmation of user by way of similitude between presently performed typing approach and that respective user’s typing approach] or by having an access code sent to the user via text/email.