We have a number of White Papers that align to starting and/or operating a successful Pediatric Practice.

Optimizing the Medical Coding at Your Pediatric Practice The Pediatric Medical Billing has two primary components: Pediatric Coding and Pediatric Medical Billing. A Pediatric practice needs to consistently select the appropriate medical codes prior to starting the Medical billing operation.

Pediatric Practice Vaccine Management For most Pediatric groups, vaccines are the second highest expense investment after payroll. This white paper discusses managing inventory of vaccines, how reimbursement works, and insuring there is a proper system to monitor profitability per vaccine per insurance company.

Elite Pediatric Medical Billing Consistency in Medical Billing Operations related to both the insurance and patient collections leads to an optimal collection rate of the contract amount. This white paper provides a discussion on Pediatric Medical Billing.

Pediatric Practice Needs for a Pediatric E.H.R. and Practice Management System Pediatric practice has special needs that should be incorporated into the design of a Pediatric E.H.R. and practice management system. This article discusses needs and optional features for a Pediatric Practice.

Starting a Pediatric Practice There are many factors and items to consider when deciding to start a Pediatric practice. This article provides a summary of the major areas to consider and some suggestions on what to consider for each area when starting up a Pediatric practice.

Optimizing an Existing Pediatric Practice There are a number of factors to consider when evaluating how to optimize an existing pediatric practice. This paper discusses some of these areas and provides some suggestions to practice owners or practice administrators.

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