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Easy system to operate by pediatric practice role
Vaccine Management
Practice Management
All-Inclusive fees
Reporting & Analysis
Optimizing Patient and Financial Outcomes
Easy system to operate by Pediatric Practice Role
Front Desk
  • Manage schedule for office – well visits, sick visits, vaccine-only visits
  • Add new patients and group by families
  • Enter demographics
  • Select VFC eligibility
  • Enter insurance, check insurance eligibility
  • Record co-pay
  • Identify outstanding balances or notes from providers
  • Manage referrals
  • Scan in documents associated with patient such as chart transfer, notes from specialists, ER reports, hospital reports
Practice Owner/Practice Administrator
  • Identify patients due for well visits and vaccinations
  • Manage inventory of vaccines
  • Identify performance by provider and office
  • Review monthly report received via e-mail
Nurse/Medical Assistant
  • Record Vitals of a patient
  • Select Clinical Template for Pediatric Provider
  • Record Chief Complaint and ROS
  • Fulfill vaccine orders
  • Fulfill procedures
  • Review labs received from Labcorp/Quest (send to provider as needed)
  • Leverage system to identify patients behind on immunizations
Pediatrician, Nurse Practitioner, Physician Assistant
  • Review vitals records by MA/Nurse
  • Review past visits, medications, allergies and diagnosis
  • Use clinical template based on visit type
  • Select vaccines and procedures for MA/Nurse to fulfill
  • Enter Electronic prescription
  • Select Diagnosis and level of Service
  • Close chart
Vaccine Management
  • Integrated into the PediatricXpress system E.H.R. and RCM
  • Database of all CDC Vaccines including NDC Numbers
  • Vaccine inventory management
  • Vaccine patient records
  • Tools to identify patients behind on vaccines
  • Can leverage 2-D bar code readers to scan in inventory and scan when select vaccine to give a patient.
    –Scan in inventory
    –Scan by MA/Nurse when selecting and providing vaccine to patients.
    –Built in safety with 2D bar code to help minimize chance of mistake by staff members
  • Vaccine benchmarking (% of patients vaccinated)
  • Annual vaccine Profit and Loss Report
    –Overall profit of vaccine business
    –Profit above acquisition cost per payer per vaccine
Practice Management
A high-value service for your Pediatric Practice
  • Monthly Reporting with various Key Performance Indicators
    –Aging AR
  • Annual Business Review with Practice Owners
    –Benchmarking vs. MGMA Standards and Goals
    –Identification of performance opportunities (i.e. leakage at front desk on job duties)
    –Suggestions for practice owner (e.g. increase fee schedule, identify payers with low reimbursement, sick code utilization)
  • Receive an annual vaccine profitability report and analysis
    –Allows practice manager/owner to evaluate the profit or loss for each vaccine per insurance company
    –Provides objective measure of total profit of vaccine business for the practice
Annual Vaccine Profitability Analysis and Review chart
All-Inclusive fees
  • Data migration
  • Customized training plan
  • Account set-up and configuration
  • Pediatric Well and Sick Visit templates provided
  • Pediatric E.H.R. System with practice data and scanned files
  • Management of data, backups of security and infrastructure
  • Monitor and manage insurance and patient medical billing
  • Maintain lab connections
  • Immunization exchange connection
  • Monthly reports
Reporting & Analysis
Receive business reports and analysis for your practice:
  • Monthly reporting
  • Annual vaccine profit analysis and report
  • Annual business review
Optimizing Patient and Financial Outcomes
Tools for optimizing your pediatric practice:
  • Identification of patients behind on well visits
  • Identification of patients to vaccinate
  • End-to-end vaccine inventory management system
  • List of Follow-up patients per providers (to be scheduled)
  • Flash reporting for Practice manager or consultant to help identify opportunities for practice

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