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Pediatric Practice App

Pediatric Practice App: Easy Engagement with your Patients

Most of the US population is dependent on Apps and mobile websites and more than 50% of US millennials spend their time on mobile phones. Mobile apps have simplified client-consumer communication and led to an increased customer base. To facilitate clinic-patient communication, PhysicianXpress has introduced a customized Pediatric Practice App for Pediatric Practices and their […]

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vaccine inventory management

An Online Vaccine Management System Can Transform a Medical Practice

Managing vaccines is an integral part of a Pediatric Medical practice while becoming more important for many other Medical Specialties and Healthcare facilities.Vaccine management has taken a quantum leap over the last few years by providing a system that standardizes and simplifies the work processes of Medical Practices and Healthcare Facilities.   Many Pediatric and other […]

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Pediatric EHR vs EMR

Differences and Similarities EHR and EMR

Often considered to be the same, Electronic Health Records (EHR) and (Electronic Medical Records) EMR differ from each other in more ways than one. From the usage to accessibility, both have its own set of utilities. Outlined below are some of the major differences and similarities between the two to understand their attributes better. EHR Vs. EMR          EHR […]

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pediatric medical billing

13 Things to Know about the Evolution of EHR

Gone are the long haul days when the healthcare professionals used to be dependent on a stack of papers to maintain the patient’s records. Electronic Health Records or EHR system has transformed the work processes of the healthcare industry and streamlined the medical practice system to a large extent. Let’s skim over some of the […]

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medical billing service companies

Electronic Health Records vs. Paper Records

As alarming as it may sound, surveys reveal that medical errors are the third leading cause of death in the United States, after heart disease and cancer. If you’re into healthcare business, then it’s high time you take a call and decide on the type of record system you want to count on for streamlining […]

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pediatric electronic health records

15 latest statistics on EHR to prove its Importance

Electronic Health Record (EHR) has become the need of the hour for healthcare professionals who admit that it has made it easier for them to cope with the cumbersome task of managing health records. Studies reveal, 80% of all healthcare data remain unstructured, and this calls for hassle-free management with advanced tools like EHR for […]

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Pediatric EMR

What is EMR and what are its benefits

What is EMR? EMR stands for Electronic Medical Record. As the name suggests, it is a system that stores medical data and information in a digitized version. It must be an uphill task to manage all the records of the patients on paper. EMR not only makes the task of healthcare professionals a lot more efficient but […]

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pediatric billing services

10 Things to look out for a Good Pediatric Medical Billing Service

It’s plausible to gain maximum output with less effort in this tech-dependent world. You will be offered with an array of health IT solutions which would claim to be the best in the market. The challenge is to single out tools that are best suited for your business. If you’re into pediatric business, then these are some […]

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pediatric medical billing

Here’s Why Pediatric Medical Billing Needs Specialized Revenue Cycle Management Services

Medical billing in Healthcare industry has taken a quantum leap. As the pediatric healthcare industry has become a different sector in itself, it calls for specialized services in maintaining the medical billing and revenue cycle management. The billing is taken care of in an automated process. Hence, the pediatric practice is highly benefitted from the […]

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medical revenue management

6 Advantages of Medical Revenue Management in Healthcare Business

Medical Revenue Management (MRM), also known as Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) is an integrated process used in the healthcare industry to ease the payment process and help in generating more revenue. The system starts from the payment made by the third party until the end of the patient balance. Let’s see some of the key […]

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