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electronic medical billing services

Smarter Billing Systems with Electronic Medical Billing Services

Technology is a welcoming source that ushers improved work output by saving time and increasing efficiency. Being incorporated in most sectors, the medical sector does not remain unaffected. The medical billing services are now largely dependent on electronic medical billing services which have not only affected the quality of work but have also improved overall […]

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medical billing application

Medical Billing Application: How It Is Helping the Healthcare Industry?

It was not long after the birth of telemedicine that m-clinic apps for doctors took over and now they are commonplace within the healthcare setup. From remote consultation to smooth billing, a medical billing application has always helped the healthcare professionals organize their practice and provide efficient healthcare services to their patients. Mobile apps have […]

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The Special Requirements of Pediatric Electronic Health Records

If you are currently working with a healthcare organization and more particularly, in the pediatric care sector, you must be aware of the special requirements of the pediatric department. As such, the automated and cloud-based pediatric electronic health record systems are required to deliver some specific tasks. These need to be kept in mind when […]

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Pediatric Billing Services

What to Expect from a Pediatric Medical Billing Service Provider?

If you have recently outsourced your medical billing, or looking forward to outsourcing it in the near future, there are many important questions that must be asked. Not only is it important to choose a reliable, reputable, and effective billing company, but if the wrong billing company is chosen, it could have a severely negative […]

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Medical Billing Service Companies

What are the Primary Benefits of Automated Medical Billing Services?

If you are or have been associated with a healthcare organization, you must have realized the enormous amount of activities that are executed on a day-to-day basis. In fact, medical practitioners who offer healthcare services individually and not directly linked to a hospital or nursing home, will best understand the situation. The need to manage […]

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Medical Revenue Cycle Management

Why Is An Integrated Platform for Medical Revenue Cycle Management Necessary?

Managing money is a daunting task and the fact is applicable as much for companies as it is for individuals. Just like the various other fields of work and operation, the medical or healthcare sector, too, has an immense responsibility of managing huge amounts of revenue generated on a day-to-day basis. In fact, on a […]

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The Need for Electronic Health Record System in Healthcare

The development of the healthcare sector is important not just for all our well-being, but also for the need to keep up with the pace of technological development. The impact of computers and Information Technology has been significant in every sector. The healthcare industry has grown in every aspect from advanced medicines to technology. The […]

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The Importance of Cloud-Based Medical Billing Solutions

With every business activity managed better and more efficiently on the cloud, the healthcare sector is certainly no exception. As such, certain healthcare management service providers have emerged over the time, helping the different organizations to serve the patients better in terms of pediatric medical billing, placement of claims and so on. If you are […]

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What are RVUs and how do RVUs impact Payment to Medical Practices?

A challenge in the US Healthcare system is that there are patients that seek care, providers/physicians that want to provide quality care and receive appropriate payments for helping patients with their care and payers that establish the payment rules and want to minimize payments to providers.   Payers include commercial payers (e.g. Aetna, Cigna, United, Blue […]

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The Tricky Game of Payer Edits to Deny Insurance Payments to Providers

Medical billing needs to be completed for each medical practice and the revenue cycle management process requires training, specialized skills, time and focus. Most physicians and office managers have multiple duties per day to manage that provide higher value to their practice than chasing down medical claims. High value activities for Medical Offices include strong […]

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