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The Future of EHR in the US healthcare Industry

Once known as the ‘Clinical Information System’, EHR system has evolved over the years and is now considered to be the Cadillac of healthcare technology. A brainchild of Lockheed Corporation and El Camino Hospital, the system dates back to mid-1960’s and first went live in 1973. Presently, over 80% Americans have access to this system […]

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7 Signs you Should Invest in Pediatric EHR

Healthcare units that focus on pediatric care know how different it is from any other adult healthcare management. There’s a reason why the adoption rate of Electronic Healthcare Record (EHR) in increasing at a rapid pace in the US and the need for pediatric EHR is also growing simultaneously. These are the top practices in […]

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How to Overcome Common Problems Faced in Medical Revenue Cycle Management

From standardizing medical administrative tasks to managing the insurance claims, revenue cycle management has revolutionized the medical billing system. It has not only enhanced patient care but also boosted cash flow of healthcare facilities across the US. However, many physicians and medical staff still find it challenging to cope with the enterprise level technological system […]

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Customized Medical Billing System

Streamline Healthcare Tasks with Customized Medical Billing System

In the age of responsiveness and efficiency, more and more healthcare professionals are adopting electronic medical billing services not only to simplify their cumbersome administrative tasks but also to serve the customers better. Although the adoption rate is high in the US, a lot of healthcare professionals still find it difficult to cope with the […]

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medical billing practice

6 Challenges of Medical Billing Practices

Revenue cycle management is dependent on efficient medical billing practice and it becomes quite challenging for the healthcare staff to cope with the pressure of maintaining accuracy. The pressure increases with the number of patients making the use of revenue management software mandatory. Here are the top challenges in medical practices faced by most of […]

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vaccine management

Vaccine Management made Easy for Pediatric Professionals

With the increasing number of pediatric cases, it has become imperative to streamline vaccine inventory management by the healthcare units and vaccine manufacturers. It is the responsibility of the healthcare units to be easily accessible to the pediatric requirements to as many patients as possible for ensuring better health of the US citizens. Here’s how […]

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How Customized Billing Services make Medical Revenue Management Easy

Over the years the healthcare units are trying to upgrade its billing system with state-of-the-art IT tools but a lot of them are yet to cope with the medical revenue cycle management process. Customized billing services can streamline this process, improve the profitability of the business, and make it easier to operate. Let’s learn how […]

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10 Features a Pediatric EHR should have

Management of all the records in the pediatric department itself is all-encompassing. A suite of tools are now available to simplify the administrative work of pediatric practice but not all of them guarantee foolproof results. While you decide on getting a pediatric Electronic Health Record (EHR) or electronic medical billing services for your healthcare unit, […]

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Pediatric Practice App

Pediatric Practice App: Easy Engagement with your Patients

Most of the US population is dependent on Apps and mobile websites and more than 50% of US millennials spend their time on mobile phones. Mobile apps have simplified client-consumer communication and led to an increased customer base. To facilitate clinic-patient communication, PhysicianXpress has introduced a customized Pediatric Practice App for Pediatric Practices and their […]

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vaccine inventory management

An Online Vaccine Management System Can Transform a Medical Practice

Managing vaccines is an integral part of a Pediatric Medical practice while becoming more important for many other Medical Specialties and Healthcare facilities.Vaccine management has taken a quantum leap over the last few years by providing a system that standardizes and simplifies the work processes of Medical Practices and Healthcare Facilities.   Many Pediatric and other […]

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