Pediatric E.H.R., practice management and Medical billing for your Pediatric Practice - Please see price transparency at bottom of this page.
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Our product is designed only for pediatrics in a cloud that does not require servers updates or local IT support.

What should I consider in a Pediatric E.H.R.?

Ease of Use






10 Common Traits of an effective Pediatric E.H.R. System

  • Pediatric Specific templates
  • Schedule Management
  • Vaccine management
  • Automated Growth charts
  • Easy-to-use System
  • ERx w Pediatric Dose Calculator
  • Lab Integration
  • Patient Portal
  • Claims Management
  • Pediatric-Specified Templates
  • Integrated Lab Reports
  • Growth Charts


I’m on EMR, but looking for better, easier-to-use system and approach to help increase profitability.

Not happy with your current EMR Performance/Results?

You should be looking for:

Pediatric specific System

Pediatric Practice Templates

Growth Charts

Vaccine Management

Integrated lab reports

Pediatric specialty billing

Claims & Denial Management

Electronic remittance (ERA)

Practice management

HIPAA-Compliant transaction

Software updates

Pediatric Xpress Features - - Please see ONC Certified EHR for price transparency

Scheduling & Practice ManagementIncludedPediatric E.H.R.IncludedBilling & Practice ManagementIncluded
Easy to use SchedulingPediatric Specific Clinical TemplatesPediatric Specific Billing Team
Patient Demographics linked to familiesElectronic Prescriptions24-hour Claims & Payment Processing
Electronic EligibilityElectronic EPCSContinuous Claims Monitoring & Repair
Appointment Reminder SystemPediatric Dose Calculator for Electronic PrescriptionsPrepare & Send Patient Statements
PM Data ConversionGrowth ChartsNotice of Patient Write-offs
New Patient ReportPatient Vaccine RecordsCustom Claims Edits
Flash ReportImmunization ReportingCarrier Follow-up
Vaccine Inventory Management SystemVaccine RemindersPeriodic Account Reviews
Inter-office MessagingTest Results & OrdersClaims Tracking and Management
Online Patient PortalDocument ManagementElectronic Remittance (ERA)
Bright Futures Input Forms by AgeAbility to access charts and system via MobilePediatric Claim rules
Email Patient Education Materials based on patient diagnosis – ConditionInteroperable (CCD & CCA)Denial Management
Customized Practice AppE&M CodingCentral Billing Office for Practice
Pediatric Full-Featured E.H.R.Notes, Referrals & ReportsPatient Collections
4 Monthly ReportsLab InterfacesHIPAA-compliant Transaction
One-on-one TrainingEmail SupportGuaranteed Service Uptime
Unlimited Video TrainingCloud PlatformSoftware Updates
U.S.-based SupportAutomatic Data BackupPrepare Patient Balances for Collections
Managed Data Security
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Price Transparency Statement:

PediatricXpress EHR is offered to pediatric practices as part of a comprehensive monthly fee that includes the PediatricXpress EHR, Practice Management and Medical Billing (both insurance and patient billing). The fee includes all features and modules of the software, including the patient portal, Electronic Prescriptions, EPCS, Vaccine Inventory Management system and associated support services. Additionally, the monthly fee includes maintaining approved integrated lab connections with LabCorp and Quest as well as with Immunization exchange. Clients must sign a contract to engage the service and the standard contract term is one year. An early termination fee applies.

While most Data integration work is included as part of the setup, there might be an additional one time setup fees required in some instances for non-standard data migration and custom interface connections. A one time and/or recurring subscription fee may be required during the term of the customer’s contract for custom development for the Practice or interfaces not included with the standard package purchased. These additional interfaces and or custom development may be added to the contract depending upon individual customer needs, such as: additional lab or Health exchange interfaces, Direct Messaging setup and additional Direct Messaging addresses, customized reports, and other integrated business partner functionality.

PediatricXpress is a cloud-based E.H.R. that requires the practice to maintain a high speed internet connection. While the software will operate properly, clients could experience slow response times if the office lacks or is unable to maintain a high speed or business data connection. There are no known limitations that a user may encounter in the course of implementing and using this Modular EHR’s capabilities, whether to meet meaningful use objectives and measures or to achieve any other use within the scope of the health IT’s certification.


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