We help Pediatric Practices become more Profitable and Easier to Manage.

PhysicianXpress and the PediatricXpress E.H.R. was built from the ground up, around an independent Pediatric practice. Our team mapped out the entire revenue cycle and leveraged developers to build the Revenue Cycle Management System of PhysicianXpress.

Our Services


Developed by Pediatricians for Pediatric Practices. Integration of Bright Futures and Other Pediatric Tools.


Collect >99% of reimbursable charges and claims. Reduce Accounts Receivable to less than 30 days. Monitor reimbursement above costs per vaccine per insurance company.


Manage vaccine inventory from receiving shipments to administering Vaccines. Ability to integrate Bar Code scanners to enhance staff consistency.


Manage the schedule of patients and providers for one or multiple offices. Scheduling tools to aligned concepts of operating a Pediatric Medical Practice.

Why Choose Us?


Specialized in Pediatrics

Our Pediatric EMR, PediatricXpress, was developed in an independent Pediatric Practice over 10 years ago and continues to receive enhancements.

Proven Results with decreased admin work

We are an independent company with over ten years in the market. We serve each and every Pediatric practice with consistent results.

Support and Training

Our systems are monitored and managed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We provide phone and online support to our clients. The system is so simple to use that most practices only need a few hours of training to be effective.

Our Technology

Our technology is up to date with continuous enhancements that help pediatric practices become more efficient and effective.
“Success is not how high you have climbed, but how you make a positive difference to the world.”

― Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

Our Products

The PediatricXpress system is a software-as-a-service e-business suite developed by the PhysicianXpress team. The system is used for Pediatric Practices as a complete solution for the simplification and management of their pediatric electronic health records and related pediatric practice activities. Our elite Pediatric Medical Billing Service achieves consistent results by collecting >99% of submitted claims for each of our clients. Since 2007, the PhysicianXpress team has helped Pediatric Practices improve the performance of their practice.

Vaccines can be a major investment for Medical Practices. Some practices use paper or manual tools (like Excel spreadsheet) for tracking/managing of their vaccine inventory. While practice managers have been able to ‘make it work’ there is now a better choice – VaccineXpress.
With VaccineXpress you can enhance your vaccine management while decreasing overall administration burden. Are you easily able to identify the vaccination rate for your practice and which patients are behind on their vaccines?

We have made it our mission to develop an integrated, functional, and proven Health IT Tools that enhance the management and performance of Medical Businesses. We design, develop, and deliver processes and systems that optimize the revenue cycle for our clients, reducing their administrative burden while improving their operations. We achieve consistent and repeatable results that allow our clients to focus on Business Development, Product Distribution, and other Revenue-generating Activities.

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