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Pediatric E.H.R.
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Elite Pediatric Billing Services
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A Specialty Revenue Cycle Management and HealthIT Company

Elite Pediatric Medical Billing Services

Collect >99% of reimbursable charges and claims. Reduce Accounts Receivable to less than 30 days.

Pediatric E.H.R.

Developed by Pediatricians for Pediatric Practices.

Customized Medical Billing Solutions

Optimize the operations and revenue cycle for Medical Companies and practices.

Current Technology Tools

Develop a customize App for your practice that links to daily operational processes.

Recipe for Physician Success

Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.

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Welcome to PhysicianXpress

Since 2007 – the year of our inception, we at PhysicianXpress, a Medical Revenue Management company with a complementary mix of experience in both the Medical Practice & Information Technology fields, have made it our mission to develop an integrated, functional, and proven Health IT Tools that improve the management and performance of Medical Practices.  We design, develop and deliver processes and systems that optimize the revenue cycle for our clients, reduce their administrative burden while improving their operations.

The PediatricXpress system is a software-as-a-service e-business suite developed by the PhysicianXpress team for Pediatric Practices to use as a complete solution for the simplification and management of their pediatric electronic health records and related pediatric practice activities.  Our elite Pediatric Medical Billing Service achieves consistent results by collecting >99% of reimbursed claims for each of our clients. Bottom line:  Our clients receive high value from a complete Pediatric E.H.R. & Practice solution and an elite Pediatric billing service at a competitive price.

The RevenueXpress system is our customized billing solutions we developed by the PhysicianXpress team to perform billing activities for Medical Companies and businesses.  We integrate our propriety processes and systems and work with the Medical company to develop a customize billing solution and managed the revenue cycle for the client.  We achieve consistent and repeatable results that allow our clients to focus on Business Development, product distribution and other revenue-generating activities.

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System Features:

We develop features and functionality to meet various requirements of operating a Medical practice and/or business. Some of these System features include:

Manage your day effectively.  The provider dashboard provides your schedule, a summary list of ERx refill requests, lab results to view, list of charts to complete, tasks from staff, and documents to review.

This chart displays links to recorded information on the patient including demographics, other family members, insurance information, vaccines, medications and history. From the patient chart, a provider can access the medications prescribed, vaccinations, growth charts, vitals and information received from the patient/family via the patient portal.
The system has standard Well and Sick visits templates available. Also, a practice can use Bright Futures templates for well visits as well as input forms (all electronic). The input forms are entered by patients in the patient portal to allow optimal parent/patient input with minimal data entry by medical staff members.
The appointment book allows a practice to view appointments by provider and/or office. The scheduler allows for certain users to change availability for providers. Patients scheduled can easily be rescheduled, moved, etc. The schedule shows any a patient patient balance to collect as well as notes/flags on the account.
Prescribe medications electronically for the patient by checking a medication against contraindications, verify preferred formulary options and be able to send to a preferred pharmacy for the family.
Labs for Quest or LabCorp can be ordered and received directly into the system. The received lab results are linked to the patient’s chart so a staff member does not need to enter the information manually.
Practices can manage the vaccines for one or multiple offices within the system. The system allows for management of both commercial and VFC Vaccines. Each practice can either use the standard vaccine schedule for patients or establish their own vaccination schedule. Vaccines can be ordered by a provider and then fulfilled by a Medical Assistant or Nurse via the orders feature.
From the patients vitals and age, the system automatically plots growth charts. The system has standard and Downs Syndrome growth charts available.
Scan in previous clinical records entered on paper, referral reports, lab sheets, faxes, radiology, insurance and other documents for the patient.
The practice can activate a patient portal so parents/patients can view upcoming appointments, update demographics, insurance, request an appointment or a referral. Also parents (for younger children) can input pre-visit input forms, view visit lists, invoices and education resources.
We can develop a custom App for your practice that is branded like your website, links to the patient portal and is free of charge to your patients (Android and Apple).



Design, develop, and implement specialized medical revenue management and medical information technology systems for pediatric offices and specialty healthcare companies.


Make pediatric practices and other specialty healthcare companies more efficient and easier to manage.

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