High Value Pediatric EHR & RCM for Pediatric Practices

Physician Xpress provides user-friendly integrated Pediatric Electronic Health Records and a Revenue Cycle Management solution to help Pediatric Practices become more profitable and efficient.

Enhance Efficiency

Helps save time for Physicians, Pediatric Providers, & Staff

Cost-Effective Solution

Helps physicians easily manage their pediatric practices with a cost-effective solution

Improve Profitability

Helps optimize revenue while minimizing administrative work related to insurance claims and operating an office

Full Feature Pediatric EHR System

Physician Xpress offers pediatric templates, electronic prescriptions, growth charts, lab integration, & a patient portal with seamless back-end integration.

Pediatric Templates

A diverse set of pediatric templates for well and sick visits

Electronic Prescriptions

Send prescriptions, including controlled substances, electronically to pharmacies

Growth Charts

Auto-generated, updated growth charts for patient profiles

Lab Integration

Send and receive lab orders to Quest and/or Labcorp electronically from EHR

Patient Portal

Patients & guardians have access to data and the ability to submit information

Integrated Vaccine Management

Physician Xpress provides smart vaccine inventory management and patient immunization records.

Inventory Record

End-to-end inventory management database that monitors and reports vaccine inventory

Integrated Database

Immunization data connected to patient health records & state vaccine immunization registries

Vaccine Tracking

Convenient tracking of vaccine usage through bar codes

Vaccine Profitability Analysis

Annual profitability analysis of practice’s annual profit per vaccine per insurance

Physician Xpress Reduces Administrative Work for Pediatric Practices

Physician Xpress provides an ONC-certified Pediatric EHR, manages the data and cloud network, while removing the burden of the insurance and patient billing for pediatric practices.

Pediatric Practice Data Management

Physician Xpress boasts a world-class cloud-based system with enterprise level security.

Security Features

  • Enterprise level firewall and security 
  • Disaster planning and recovery



  • 24/7 Network Engineering Team
  • Point Account Manager for constant operational support


Cloud & Software

  • True Cloud EHR
  • Reduced risk from traditional local and remote hosting
  • Simple UI

Minimization of IT Burden, Cost, and Security Risk


Physician Xpress provides training resources to keep clients up to date and clarify specific functions to ensure a smooth experience.

Training Videos

Provides 80-90 videos that are available in video library

Personal Training

Ability to schedule one-on-one training with a trainer if needed


Updates on changes in the system

Customer Support

Physician Xpress is dedicated to supporting clients and their pediatric practices through the accommodation of Account Managers and technology support.

Account Managers

  • Available to answer questions related to the client’s account
  • An Account Manager will be assigned to the client as soon as the client sets up the Medical Billing account


Technology Support

  • Can submit electronic support requests via the system.
  • Point Account Manager available to follow-up and help with support requests for the practice

All-Inclusive Fee

Our all-inclusive price model is hard to beat. Services that our competitors don’t offer are all included with no hidden cost, such as an annual business and vaccine review, monthly reports, and patient billing. With other pediatric EHR services, additional costs for billing and maintenance for your EHR system is piled up on top of their base fee.

Strong & Consistent Revenue Cycle Management Results

Pediatric Practice BenchmarkIndustry AveragePhysician XpressPractice ImpactValue Add
Days in Accounts Receivable (AR)30-6028+Fewer days in AR means more cash on hand
% of Insurance AR > 90 Days15-18%<10%+Insurance claims come in faster, increased certainty
Average Revenue Per Visit$118$173+Increased revenue per patient
Collection Rate of Contract (Insurance & Patient Portion)95%99%+Higher collection rate translates to pure incremental profit

Consistent Follow Up on Insurance and Patient Billing

Physician Xpress provides both patient and insurance follow up, not typically integrated in other systems.
Other RCM ServicesPhysician Xpress
Patient Follow Up- Minimal to no patient follow up
- Lack of calls for unpaid invoices
- Follows up on patient statements
- Calls for unpaid invoices
Insurance Follow Up- Lack of consistency to help with coding and insurance follow-up
- No Claim Denial follow up
- Follow-up with insurance carrier for pending and/or under payment
- Calls insurance company to discuss problem claims and resubmit
- Claim Denial Follow-Up

Physician Xpress vs Other Pediatric E.H.R. Options

Physician Xpress provides customers with more platform features to ensure a smooth experience.
Pediatric Practice Feature:Other Pediatric EHRsPediatricXpress EHR & RCM
Pediatric Well and Sick Templates included
Electronic Prescriptions with EPCS ability
Integrated Lab Orders/Results
Vaccine Management & Immun.
Growth Charts
Patient Portal
Pediatric Practice Management System
US-Based Support
True cloud-based EHR (Simple & full-featured)
24x7x365 System Monitoring by Network
ONC-Certified to Final Standard
including Pediatric CQMs
Point Account Manager for Each Practice
Flexible options to implement: EHR
or Paper
Consistent Results: Insurance
& Patient Billing
Follow-up on Claim Denials
Complete Follow-up on all Insurance Claims and Patient Statements
Monthly Reporting with Key Billing
Annual Business Review: Vaccine Profit Analysis and Revenue
Inclusive Pricing: EHR, Practice Management, Data Management, Support, Account Manager, Medical Billing, annual business & vaccine review

Price Transparency Statement:

PediatricXpress EHR is offered to pediatric practices as part of a comprehensive monthly fee that includes the PediatricXpress EHR, Practice Management and Medical Billing (both insurance and patient billing). The fee includes all features and modules of the software, including the patient portal, Electronic Prescriptions, EPCS, Vaccine Inventory Management system and associated support services. Additionally, the monthly fee includes maintaining approved integrated lab connections with LabCorp and Quest as well as with Immunization exchange. Clients must sign a contract to engage the service and the standard contract term is one year. An early termination fee applies.

While most Data integration work is included as part of the setup, there might be an additional one time setup fees required in some instances for non-standard data migration and custom interface connections. A one time and/or recurring subscription fee may be required during the term of the customer’s contract for custom development for the Practice or interfaces not included with the standard package purchased. These additional interfaces and or custom development may be added to the contract depending upon individual customer needs, such as: additional lab or Health exchange interfaces, Direct Messaging setup and additional Direct Messaging addresses, customized reports, and other integrated business partner functionality.

PediatricXpress is a cloud-based E.H.R. that requires the practice to maintain a high speed internet connection. While the software will operate properly, clients could experience slow response times if the office lacks or is unable to maintain a high speed or business data connection.


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