Our Pediatric Practice Experience Prior to PhysicianXpress

We developed PediatricXpress and the services of PhysicianXpress to make operating a Pediatric Practice easier and more profitable. Many Pediatricians either want to start their own practice or maintain their independent Pediatric group. We believe that independent Pediatric practices provide both the highest quality care and the most value to patients as well as payers and employers. Many Pediatricians want to operate a high quality pediatric group that is profitable and easy to manage.

We developed systems, processes and software that allows the Pediatrician to see patients while reducing their administrative work associated with a number of areas of the Practice. Pediatric practice owners that use our approach should be able to focus their management time on providing great patient care including managing the staff associated with scheduling the patients, the Pediatric Providers in the practice as well as the Medical Assistants and nurses. We believe these staff members are the critical staff members to operate a practice since they engage daily with patients and parents.

The Start of PhysicianXpress & creation of the PediatricXpress System

The goal for any Pediatric Practice should be to exceed benchmarks on performance such as average revenue/visit, collection rate of contract amount and AR days not doing extra administrative work.
The ‘old’ model was for a Pediatric practice to invest much time, resources, and cost into developing a billing team and staff members to do admin work such as counting vaccine doses or even writing up charts. Unfortunately some EMR systems are designed in a way that the data entry into the system takes more time than seeing the patient. Some EMR companies have practices that hire scribes to enter the data into the system or have other staff members to do admin work that is not direct patient care. Direct patient care roles include Front Desk team members, Medical Assistant/nurse, and Pediatric Providers (Pediatricians, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants). Non-direct patient care roles include scribes, billers and other admin personnel. As the practice expands, the practice will need a practice administrator to help schedule the direct patient care roles as well as to negotitiate contracts, identify new value payment models and help the practice expand via marketing. Removing the non-direct patient care roles allows a practice admin more focused time to optimize the patient care roles and/or increase her/his span of number of providers they can manage. Non-direct patient care roles cost money, space (money) and additional management skill/time. Using the old model increases the number of these staff members that decreases income potential in many cases for the providers and practice owners.

We appreciate serving Pediatric practices and continuously reinvest in system updates and processes designed to optimize the profitability of Pediatric practices. We are:

  • Focused on long-term clients and commitment for the long-term to serving Pediatric practices.
  • Working for your business success
  • Your partners – we know your business like it is our own
  • Inclusive in our pricing—we rarely have extras and we avoid price increases
  • Understanding of your business needs and how to best align your organization with the current Healthcare environment.
  • Focused on consistent medical billing performance for your practice/business.

We hope to learn a little about your story and goals.

Billing Performance Challenges & Costs for Pediatric Practices that Manage their own billing staff

Additionally, in many cases the in-house team is not aware of optimal billing practices or is not performing in an optimal way. While some practices choose to manage the medical billing inhouse, the practice owners need to consistently check the quality of work, see if claims are submitted, develop and create reports and perform other measures that either take away from seeing additional patients, from marketing/practice expansion efforts or decrease free time for the practice owner. The practice owner should check the performance of their internal billing team. The goal for any Pediatric Practice should be to exceed benchmarks on performance such as average revenue/visit, collection rate of contract amount and AR days not doing extra administrative work.
Some costs for a small Pediatric practice includes the space for the biller, billing software, clearing house, management skill and time and in some cases the physician owner needs to hire a practice admin or consultant to work for the practice. Some costs for a larger practice include the items listed for small practice plus the practice admin might need to attend multiple courses, meetings and invest much of her/his time on medical billing and other operations that we manage as part of our full service model. While the practice admin might like the extra work and following the details, in many cases the time spent in billing is less time that they are investing for the Practice owners to expand the practice via marketing/business development as well as improving profitability through improving the practice incentives on value based contracts and other programs. While the billing might be ‘busy’ for them, in most cases, the practice receives higher value by the practice admin focusing on other areas.

Some of the benefits of the PediatricXpress System, Processes and Approach

Our system was developed to increase effectiveness of providers and staff that have direct patient care roles while removing and reducing the non-admin work for Pediatric practices. Our processes and software are designed to be simple and easy to use and manage by the Pediatric office team. As a company, we are not trying to ‘push’ a software program or consulting services, we developed PediatricXpress and the services of PhysicainXpress so the Physician Owners of Pediatric practices can complete their charts, close their charts and receive optimal Pediatric Medical billing at a competitive cost. The approach is full service and allows the physician owners and/or practice admin to focus on optimal staffing, scheduling, negotiation insurance contracts and building alliances and programs that build the practice.
Our system is designed for Pediatrics and is seen by most users as “simple” or “easy to use” . Even though PediatricXpress is an easy to use Pediatric E.H.R. system , we do provide updates of our system via Webinars, training videos and when needed, one-on-one training. We started the company with this focus in mind and continue to build the systems and processes in a way that helps make Pediatric Practices more profitable while maintaining or decreasing our fee schedule to our clients.
We believe Pediatric Practice owners want simple, full-featured and consistent-high collection rate with minimal extra work. Additionally, we perform yearly business reviews so you can see how your practice benchmarks versus MGMA standards and some suggestions to enhance your practice. At the end of the day, your data is private as well as your desires for your practice (we do not share with other practices or other organizations).


The PhysicianXpress team is available to you and your Pediatric Practice. Our team members span many roles. The roles at PhysicianXpress include the Account Managers, Customer Support, Application Development, Network Engineers and System Engineers, Pediatric Billers, Trainers. All roles and functions are important to our client’s success. We want you and your practice to succeed.

Customer Support, Account Managers and Billing Support

We are here to support our clients and their Pediatric Practice. We have Account Managers and other team members available to answer questions related to your Account. When you set up an elite Medical Billing account with PhysicianXpress, you will be assigned an account manager. While this person will be the most familiar with your account, other team members can help you with your questions and provide support to your practice. Our customer support can also schedule additional training with one of our trainers to clarify or enhance the training for your Pediatric Practice. We want you and your practice to be successful.

Software Development, System Operations

Our software application developers, network engineers and systems engineers work with the practice setup team and customer support team to optimize the PediatricXpress application. Our IT team also works with our various partners and alliances to enhance the operation and/or integration of PediatricXpress.

Leaders with Pediatric Practice Experience at PhysicianXpress

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