Creating and maintaining a vaccine management plan will allow you to easily monitor and maintain your vaccine schedules, as well as ensuring the viability of the vaccines that a physician is charged with administering to their patients.

Successful vaccine management will include: “vaccine cold chain” procedures, adherence to the CDC Advisory Committee’s Immunization Practices, continuous monitoring and recording of storage temperatures, properly calibrated temperature controls and a certificate of calibration testing, and emergency or loss of power protocols. Vaccine cold chain” procedures are the procedures that ensure a vaccine is kept in a temperature-controlled environment so they are in optimal condition from the time they leave the manufacturing facility to the time that they arrive at a physician’s office for storage and use. Once the vaccines are stored on-site, ensuring your staff knows the emergency or loss of power protocols to ensure continued viability is essential.

Creating additional protocols to address vaccine ordering, vaccine inventory, vaccine handling and vaccine wastage may be necessary for your practice. Knowing what vaccinations are on hand and properly maintaining inventory will help reduce waste and will also help mitigate delays in care, both of which result in lost revenue.

Monitoring vaccines from receipt in the physician’s office to administering the vaccination to a patient involves creating detailed logs and specific protocols to be followed. Having a vaccine management plan makes this a simple and streamlined process, ensuring minimal risk to your patients and delivering a quality product and ensuring that the standard of care is maintained throughout the process.

Conducting an annual review of your plan, including a review of requirements from the CDC and other authorities, will ensure that it is kept compliant and will allow you to review the success of the plan and any changes that may be warranted at that time, along with continued compliance.

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