• How does a Pediatric Practice make changes to the clinical templates?
    • While we provide a full-feature set of pediatric-based clinical templates that many implement in their practice with minimal changes, a practice is able to create clinical templates or update existing templates. If the practice would like to make updates or changes to the clinical templates, we provide an approach to making changes that does not require computer-programming like skills.
    • Pediatric practices are provided well, sick, vaccination and hospital templates that are designed for pediatric visits based on Bright Futures.
      • Well visits (birth – 18 years+): questions and information that is age appropriate– complete and easy to use.
      • Sick templates: Standard sick, ADHD, Asthma, and other templates for effective sick visits at a pediatric office
      • Vaccine only templates: summary template for vaccine related visits with providers or
      • Hospital templates: 2-3 templates for pediatric practices that make visits to the hospital
    • Modifications to the templates supplied to practice
      • Print out the templates would like to change
      • Mark up the changes would like on the templates (specific changes)
      • Scan and e-mail or fax to our office
      • Review the updated templates
    • New templates for practice
      • Create a template on a blank sheet of paper or develop in a word document, like MS Word
      • Send template to our office (account manager)
      • Review the new template and mark up requested modifications to new template
  • Is the practice data secure and backed-up?
    • While there are limits to security, many small practices have experienced a hacker that has shut down their server, paid ransom due to ransom attack and/or loss patient data. A major concern with an in-office server or a remoted hosted system is the ability for hacker to break into the single instance server. A true cloud system removes this single instance risk and provides the ability for enterprise firewall, security and network engineers to minimize risk to the pediatric practice.
    • PediatricXpress is a true cloud EHR and RCM system with 24/7 network engineers monitoring and managing our systems
    • The systems of PediatricXpress use enterprise level security as well as firewalls that are managed, maintained and monitor 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days per year
    • The company invested and developed redundancy in the PediatricXpress systems in case of equipment and/or networking issues
    • The PediatricXpress systems and the data of the pediatric practices is backed up each day (data and scanned documents)
    • PhysicianXpress, Inc has taken additional measures in case of major disaster to protect the data and files of the Pediatric practices that use the PediatricXpress system
  • What equipment does the office need?
    • Required
      • High-speed internet connection
      • Computers (desktop/laptop)
      • Printer(s)
      • Scanner for documents
    • Optional
      • Insurance card scanner
      • Barcode scanner for vaccines
      • Tablet PCs to record vaccine signatures by parents/patients
  • What if I want to move to another EHR or migrate to a health system?
    • We provide the most flexible and lowest risk contracting option of the pediatric EHRs on the market. An agreement that can be terminated any time after the first 12 months with 90 days notice
    • The practice can download CCDA data (EHR Industry Standard) associated with patients at no charge.
  • Is PediatricXpress EHR new?
    • PediatricXpress is one of the three Pediatric E.H.R. available on the market
    • PhysicianXpress has been providing Pediatric E.H.R. and RCM services to Pediatric Practices since 2008
    • The company invests in enhancements and process updates using six sigma techniques and approaches
    • PediatricXpress is certified on the final ONC certification standard (see ONC certified Health IT list)
    • While we add clients each year, we only add new clients if we can support current and future clients
    • We continue to enhance our systems and processes while maintaining the same fee/costs to Pediatric practices since 2008
    • We provide an all-inclusive approach
    • We invest more in improving the processes & systems than sales and marketing.
    • We are committed to the long-term development and improvement of our processes and systems

Price Transparency Statement:

PediatricXpress EHR is offered to pediatric practices as part of a comprehensive monthly fee that includes the PediatricXpress EHR, Practice Management and Medical Billing (both insurance and patient billing). The fee includes all features and modules of the software, including the patient portal, Electronic Prescriptions, EPCS, Vaccine Inventory Management system and associated support services. Additionally, the monthly fee includes maintaining approved integrated lab connections with LabCorp and Quest as well as with Immunization exchange. Clients must sign a contract to engage the service and the standard contract term is one year. An early termination fee applies.

While most Data integration work is included as part of the setup, there might be an additional one time setup fees required in some instances for non-standard data migration and custom interface connections. A one time and/or recurring subscription fee may be required during the term of the customer’s contract for custom development for the Practice or interfaces not included with the standard package purchased. These additional interfaces and or custom development may be added to the contract depending upon individual customer needs, such as: additional lab or Health exchange interfaces, Direct Messaging setup and additional Direct Messaging addresses, customized reports, and other integrated business partner functionality.

PediatricXpress is a cloud-based E.H.R. that requires the practice to maintain a high speed internet connection. While the software will operate properly, clients could experience slow response times if the office lacks or is unable to maintain a high speed or business data connection.


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