• How does initial training work?
    • We collaborate with each new client to develop a customized training plan for transitioning the Pediatric Practice to the PediatricXpress system.
    • One of the trainers provides customized webinar training with the Pediatric practice staff.  Depending on the size of the Pediatric Practice, we might break the training roll-out by role/function (e.g.Training for all, training for Front Desk and Medical Assistants, Training for providers).
    • Training includes a series of sessions prior to ‘go live’ as well as support from trainer(s) during go live day, as well as after the go live date.
    • A Pediatric practice can schedule additional training sessions as needed with one of the trainers.
    • We provide a training library that includes over 80 videos of common tasks/functions.  This is available to all users in the practice 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.
  • Is on-going training included?
    • Yes
    • The practice can leverage the training video library to train new members of the practice on basic roles/functions.
    • While we recommend that a Pediatric practice member conduct training of new providers, we are also available to provide training or questions to one of the trainers.
    • When significant system enhancements occur, there is new training provided either via additional training videos or option to schedule a session with a trainer.
  • How do we provide suggestions or make requests for changes?
    • Support can be contacted via the system or a phone call.
    • By contacting your point account manager to discuss the request.
    • For more complex requests, the account manager might need to involve other members/areas of Physician Xpress, Inc. and/or need additional information on the request from the practice.
    • While we listen to all requests, certain requests might take more time to evaluate or not cost-effective for the practice at this time.  We are dedicated to providing high-value Pediatric E.H.R and RCM services to Pediatric Practices.
  • What equipment/processes and backup is Physician Xpress, Inc. managing?

    -Physician Xpress, Inc. manages:

    • Cloud-based Pediatric EHR, PediatricXpress E.H.R. system including updates
    • Data, scanned documents and backups for the practice
    • The configuration of the account for the practice and changes to the account.
    • Connections to immunization exchanges.
    • Lab connections established with Labcorp and Quest
    • Electronic prescriptions related items
    • Connections to health exchanges or clinically integrated networks
    • Configurations for the practice

    -The pediatric practice manages a connection to the Internet, computers/tablets with web browser, printer/scanners.  Note that most practices maintain a high-speed connection via Verizon Fios, comcast or other company, a Wi-fi for the office and computers.

  • When is Support available?
    • Our team monitors the systems and processes 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year.
    • A Pediatric practice can submit support requests any time of the day through the system.
    • Account manager team members are available for support requests via phone from Monday – Friday during business hours.
    • We monitor and are available for emergency technical support outside of normal business hours.  Our team is available after hours to provide emergency technical support to ensure the systems and processes are operating.
    • Note that Normal support requests received during emergency technical support hours will be followed-up on the next business day.
  • When training is complete, who do we call with questions or support to help us?

    Each practice has a point account manager as your point of contact. They manage the overall billing for your account (although other billers might be working with them) as well as issues. If the account manager is not available, another team member will help with your issues. The account manager for your account becomes familiar with your needs and your staff needs over time. This helps us as an organization be most effective with Pediatric Practices. Some questions/requests:

    • Billing question – The account manager can answer this or investigate the issue and follow-up.
    • Question on how to use a feature – account manager in many cases can answer and provide guidance. If not, they will follow-up and either call you back or have a trainer follow-up with clarification on how to use a feature.
    • Change request – if clinical template, print out the template, mark up the changes, scan and e-mail to the account manager. If a system change, provide to the account manager or support via task, we will evaluate and follow-up. While we like to listen to all requests, we do have to balance the needs of all practices when making system software updates and changes. Also note that some requests can be fulfilled quickly while others take much longer.
    • While the account manager and team members are available 8 AM – 5 PM EST, your practice can leave an e-mail or voicemail for follow-up the next day. We have team members managing the PediatricXpress system— 24/7, 365 days— to ensure the system is up and running. There is after-hours emergency technical support available to report emergency issues or emergency concerns.
    • What if problem with our office internet connection, computers, scanners, printers, etc.? – Each pediatric office is responsible to maintain their internet connection, Wi-Fi, computers and other components they use in the office. Most manage with an in-office staff member some leverage a service like “geek squad” to do this work.

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