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An Online Vaccine Management System Can Transform a Medical Practice

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An Online Vaccine Management System Can Transform a Medical Practice

Managing vaccines is an integral part of a Pediatric Medical practice while becoming more important for many other Medical Specialties and Healthcare facilities.Vaccine management has taken a quantum leap over the last few years by providing a system that standardizes and simplifies the work processes of Medical Practices and Healthcare Facilities.   Many Pediatric and other Medical Practices are still using either a paper process or a manual process for inventory management and recording administration of vaccines.  These manual processes take hours of time each month and most have problems with accuracy and consistency.   Previously, some of the solutions on the market either provided a complex, time-intensive vaccine management process and/or the solution provided was very costly to the office.

What is Online Vaccine management?

Online vaccine management is a web-based system that streamlines the workflow of vaccine management for Medical Facilities including managing inventory of vaccines and administering the vaccines.Practices should be able to easily track vaccines from arrival to the office/medical facility until the vaccine is administered to a patient.  This includes being able to identify the exact patients that a vaccine shipment was administered to.

Benefits of Online Vaccine management system

  • Reduce manual work: As the vaccine management system is fully automated it requires minimal manual work. A wireless barcode scanner is used to create vaccine shipments as well as when prior to administrating the vaccine to patients.
  • Cold chain management: Vaccine management system can be combined with a calibrated temperature monitoring system that use remote monitoring for solid cold chain management. This is a simple and cost effective approach to monitor the temperate of the refrigerators and freezers.
  • Easy Inventory management: Many medical practices are not well equipped with an advanced inventory management system and are very dependent on a manual process to manage the vaccine inventory.Now there is an effective and easy to use vaccine management system to record vaccine shipments, to maintain accurate data entry practices when administering the vaccines and to display the number of doses per vaccine in the refrigerator and freezer. This inventory managementsystem helps the staff to record the administration of each vaccine in an effective manner.
  • Maintain record of Administration: A vaccine management system keeps a record of previous vaccines, patient demographics, and other important information. The data are listed in the system and are updated accordingly on a real-time basis.
  • Patient Schedule System:The vaccine management system provides a method for staff to schedule appointments for patients receiving vaccines. The system also provides the capability tointegrate the vaccine schedule of the medical practice so that the system displays to a Medical staff member if a selected patient is behind on certain vaccines.

Importance of Integrating an Online Vaccine Management System with a “Best in Class” Revenue Cycle Management System for Billing and Reimbursement

Although all medical practices should make money of their vaccines, unfortunately many do not.   To make money on vaccines, practices need an up-to-date vaccine management process as well as an integrated end-to-end revenue cycle management process and approach.  This is critical for Pediatric practices since vaccines are usually the second highest investment/expense to the practice (after payroll).

A good vaccine management system needs an advanced billing process that easily monitors and shows the profit or loss above costsper vaccine for each insurance company.PediatricXpress integrates an end-to- end revenue cycle management system with the vaccine inventory system of VaccineXpress to not only manage inventory for the practice but also to manage and monitor reimbursement by vaccine and insurance company.

How to get online vaccine management system for your Medical Facility?

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