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The Importance of Video Tutorials for Electronic Medical Record Software

The Importance of Video Tutorials for Electronic Medical Record Software

In the age of rapid innovation, one can often feel out of sync with the ever-changing technology in the present moment. With the rise of technology in the medical world, physicians, nurses, and other pertinent medical staff can feel left in the dust when it comes to the new features and processes introduced to them. Because electronic medical record software systems are meant to be used daily for primary care practitioners, it is important to include a feature that will efficiently answer users’ questions on how to use the system. This feature is none other than the video tutorial.

The Experience

Video tutorials provide an interactive learning experience for physicians, nurses, and other medical staff who are using an electronic health record. The videos should span a variety of topics and cover how to use the system in its entirety by providing step-by-step walkthroughs on how to utilize the different features and processes included within the system. The best format for this is screenshot videos of the task being performed on the actual system accompanied with a voiceover explanation of each step in detail as it is happening on the screen. This is the best way to ensure clarity for the users trying to learn how to use the system.

The Clarity

Moreover, for people in the medical field not currently using one of these systems, the concept of an electronic health record is quite daunting. They can seem like complex softwares because they have the ability to perform a wide variety of functions. The thought of learning how to use these functions can put nightmares of thick, paperback manuals or long calls with tech support into the minds of potential clients. However, with video tutorials, this fear can be nearly eliminated. Gone are the days of dusty instruction books or customer support calls that can leave a person more confused than before they picked up the phone. These video tutorials provide clear and simple one to two minute personal instruction sessions for users. The instructors is recorded not only performing the task on the actual system, but also talking through each step throughout the process. The videos also allow users to pause, rewind, or rewatch in case they missed something or need further clarification. All in all, tutorial videos provided for electronic medical record software can increase clientele by allowing people to fully experience the ease that accompanies switching to an online health record system.

The Structure

In addition to the actual tutorials, it is also important to look at how these videos are organized. Users turn to tutorial videos because they want to be less confused about a particular subject. Consequently, it is necessary to arrange these videos in a fashion that is easily accessible and easily readable to physicians, nurses, and other medical staff. The best way to group these videos is by their content–which function/process is being taught in the video. This method proves most efficient because most users will already have a question in their mind on how to use or perform a certain task in the system before they navigate to the tutorial page. This organization format will therefore follow the user’s pattern of thinking.

The Quality

Furthermore, another essential aspect of these tutorials to pay attention to is the quality of the video itself. Again, it is important to make users less confused, rather than adding to their questions. For this reason, it is very important to use a video-editing software that maintains the highest quality of pixelation for maximum viewing clarity. Additionally, it is equally as important to use a high-definition microphone that will prevent any fuzziness or scratchiness in the speaker’s voice.

In closing, video tutorials can greatly benefit users of electronic medical record by providing clarity and assistance on how to use the system itself. They can also benefit the electronic health record company itself by attracting new clients. Because of all the benefits they can bring, video tutorials are becoming more and more important in the face of the medical-technology revolution.