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Manage your pediatric practice with PediatricXpress

pediatric electronic health records

Manage your pediatric practice with PediatricXpress

You have a pediatric practice which seems to be running well related to patient and parent satisfaction. The flow of patients and their management is becoming a bit confounding for both you and your administrative staff. In such a situation taking professional help from a well managed digital solution can be really helpful. Manage your Pediatric medical practice with PediatricXpress.

How does PediatricXpress help?

A medical revenue management company, PhysicianXpress, developed an integrated and inclusive tool to improve performance in medical management practices. The system is designed in such a way that it optimizes the revenue cycle and reduces the administrative burden for smoother operations.

Why Choose PediatricXpress?

Keeping pediatric electronic health records results in organized and structured format of work. The billing system woes will be addressed comprehensively by the advanced billing service. The software is provided with useful features. The provider dashboard is extremely valuable as it offers an overview of related activities like the ERx refill request, lab results, list of charts and more documents that need to be reviewed.  The patient chart gives a thorough briefing about the patient.

Clinical templates keep updates on the patient’s present health. Growth chart, lab integration, patient vaccine, scanned documents along with patient portal among numerous other facilities come with this software. The best thing to do is outsource you billing worries and let it be handled by a team of professionals who streamline your bills, revenues and claims. The system helps the administrative team track claims and charges, deal with electronic remittance and payment posting, follow-ups on accounts receivable, patient billing and collections and also serves a monthly reporting system. The system helps in bringing clarity and transparency to the services offered. There is a better workflow that reflects on better patient management.