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Pediatric EHR- One Stop Solution for Pediatricians

Pediatric EHR

Pediatric EHR- One Stop Solution for Pediatricians

Pediatric EHR or an electric health record can be very handy when treating chronic or acute conditions and can be treated with much better efficiency when the visit has been over time documented and has been given proper clinical guidelines for the same. The process of documenting for each individual can be demanding of both time and cost, so pediatric EHR is the perfect tool to save on resources and provide a better organized front to medical treatment options.

It follows a naturally streamlined process which includes family linkages, to be aware of genetics and family’s history of diseases. Then there also exists a growth chart which is automated and completely eliminates the hassles of maintaining it manually. Clinical calculators plot out this chart taking into consideration the BMI/BSA and other factors without any direct requirement for human intervention. Then there are clinical encounters that are taken into consideration which documents the sick visits and the age-specific screening for development with proper order sets. It also comes with a custom screening questionnaire that contains progress notes on behavioral and mental health issues and is customized according to the template editor. The pediatric EHR is eligible of creating detailed electronic prescriptions. This tool aids the physicians to transfer the health information to the concerned pharmacies even faster. Finally you have the clinical alerts that would take care of all the due immunizations that needs to take place.

The features and all the functionalism of pediatric EHR has been designed to bridge the entire gap in between the medical IT-enabled tools and the special needs of properly operating inside a pediatric clinic or a business.

Lab integration is another efficient feature of the pediatric EHR. This enables it to add the lab results of a particular patient with his/her existing medical chart.

The pediatric EHR also allows for proper scheduling of appointments and it can also be easily moved to a different date or rescheduled or canceled.

This practice has successfully activated a portal for patients so that parents can check and update insurance or demographics while also requesting for referrals or appointments. The app can completely be customized to suit the customer’s needs.

It provides an end to end solution to all medical needs so even the billing process is efficiently incorporated and can be managed using this app which is available to both android and iOS users. The billing service would include, all reviews for charges or claims, submissions and tracking, proper electronic remittance and posting for payment, follow up on received accounts and collections on billing for patients and proper reporting at the end of the month.

Last but not the least, a strong and state-of the art customer support system sets this system apart. Specialized support for users to maximize all the available possibilities and benefits.