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The Special Requirements of Pediatric Electronic Health Records

The Special Requirements of Pediatric Electronic Health Records

If you are currently working with a healthcare organization and more particularly, in the pediatric care sector, you must be aware of the special requirements of the pediatric department. As such, the automated and cloud-based pediatric electronic health record systems are required to deliver some specific tasks. These need to be kept in mind when you go about entrusting this system/software with the responsibility of managing medical revenue, keeping health records and many more. So, here let’s take a look at some of these special requirements.

Tracking Growth Data – For any pediatric practice, children’s growth is very important and some special attention is always paid on it. The system, as such, should be able to calculate, compare and accurately display the growth percentage and body mass index of a kid from time to time. The software should be flexible enough to accommodate patients irrespective of ethnic groups or geographical regions as these often determine a kid’s growth percentile.

Prescribing the Right Medicines – While it is obviously the pediatrician who decides what medicines to be given, the electronic health record systems play an important role in keeping note of the drug dosages based on the child’s data. The systems basically incorporate tools that help in selecting medication, thereby, preventing medical errors.

Incorporating Pediatric Documentation Templates – Every visit of each patient needs to be documented and kept handy for future reference. The automated system does this work really well. The pediatric electronic health records also include documentation templates that document visits with increased efficiency. Also, lab results can be incorporated into the patient’s records, thereby, eliminating chances of treatment in the wrong direction due to challenges like illegible handwriting or misplaced records. Any information can be retrieved with just a few clicks.

Like the ones listed here, there are many more customized requirements of the pediatric healthcare sector that are aptly fulfilled by the electronic health record systems. You need to understand the requirements well in order to be able to make the right choice of software.