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Differences and Similarities EHR and EMR

Pediatric EHR vs EMR

Differences and Similarities EHR and EMR

Often considered to be the same, Electronic Health Records (EHR) and (Electronic Medical Records) EMR differ from each other in more ways than one. From the usage to accessibility, both have its own set of utilities. Outlined below are some of the major differences and similarities between the two to understand their attributes better.


       EHR is a digitized record system of all types of health information, whereas EMR is a digitized system of medical records maintained in the form of a chart.

       The Office of the National Coordinator (ONC) expounds, the term ‘health’ is more holistic than the term ‘medical’. While EHR deals holistically with the patient records, EMR mainly deals with clinician record aligned with the diagnoses and treatment of the patient.

       EHR is easily accessible and can be shared with healthcare providers and practitioners across health organizations. EMR, on the other hand, are used for individual practice and are not meant to be shared.

       EHR mainly consists of information like diagnoses, immunization calendar, lab reports, imaging records, allergy records, demographic data, insurance records, etc. EMR is a minimized version of EHR with relevant information related to an individual patient.

       EHR can be shared on a real-time basis whereas EMR does not usually move out of the area of individual practitioners.

       EHR gives the flexibility to the patient party to schedule their own appointments and streamlines the workflow of the staff as everyone is on the same page. EMR mainly facilitates the workflow of an individual practitioner.

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The similarities

       Both supports cloud technology and provides unlimited storage capacity of the records for an extended period of time.

       Unlike the paper-record system, both ensure no loss of data as the information is protected from any type of natural or artificial disasters.

       Both EMR and EHR are a one-time charge solution assuring overall cost reduction in maintaining patient records.

       Both makes sure the data is safe and secure and a good EHR and EMR system will provide authorized hosting provider services that look after the maximum security of data.

       Both guarantees ease of use and hassle-free healthcare management.

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